RheoCube is the first digital experimentation software to offer a scientifically validated alternative to costly trial-and-error processes. It delivers virtual prototyping, replacing up to 90% of synthesis and lab experiments with detailed bottom-up scientific simulations.

Virtual prototyping made easy

The workflow of RheoCube is similar to a physical formulation lab. You can design a material, expose it to outside forces, then measure different material responses and transport properties.

RheoCube in action

RheoCube offers full access to a material's microstructure, which facilitates virtual material prototyping and formulation design. You can access full information on materials and expose them to situations that are difficult to realize in physical experiments.

RheoCube offers insights on the microstructure of different products. A system’s static and dynamic properties (e.g. stability, rheology) can be studied. You can see how changing an ingredient or environment parameters affects those properties. This deeper level of understanding improves research - and that supports faster product development.

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Our Simulation Engine

At the core of RheoCube is its impressive simulation engine. The simulation capabilities go far beyond traditional CFD, and our service includes extensive tools to visualize and analyze simulation data. Cutting-edge methods are used, which are validated and employed in academic and industrial research.

RheoCube delivers fast, high-fidelity simulations for complex fluids. The level of detail is more than a desktop workstation can handle, so high-fidelity simulations run on parallel supercomputers, while top-end GPU accelerators reduce computation time to a practicable level. Data and services are all safely hosted on secure servers.

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RheoCube is ready-to-use, completely browser-based simulation software. Designed for experimental scientists, it’s very intuitive and requires minimal training. In fact, you can start using it and get results the same day. R&D scientists get access to user-friendly, state-of-the-art scientific computer models and with high performance computing (HPC) resources provided on-demand, costs only relate to computing hours used.

You can run simultaneous experiments, gain faster insights on products and collaborate on projects with colleagues from across the globe.

Scalable computing power

Our team has broad expertise in parallelization and optimization of simulation codes on large compute clusters and supercomputers, including the efficient use of accelerators such as GPGPU's.

We can make these HPC resources available in the cloud and on-demand. This gives organizations of various sizes superior, scalable computing power - without the associated upfront investment.

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Our model validation capabilities

Experimental data is used as input to define ingredient properties and as validation for the simulation models. Our in-house expertise is used for these material characterization techniques. We also complement this expertise with access to lab facilities at Amsterdam Science Park.

If the necessary experimental data is not already available, an EAL scientist can assist in obtaining it. Our scientists can help to create digital ingredients, a number of support hours are actually included in the RheoCube license agreement.

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Everyday examples of how RheoCube supports R&D

Smarter formulations

RheoCube can help troubleshoot deviations in product behavior. Imagine you are still seeing deviations after running multiple tests. If you had the flexibility to quickly change a particle shape, size, or chemistry, without setting up yet another experiment, you could pinpoint the issue in a faster, more systematic way. Quick online experimentation provides the answers, so you can move on with your work. Over time, such fast insights also build an enhanced understanding of different formulations and their ingredients.

Prototype new particle shapes

RheoCube makes it possible to build digital particles. Imagine having an easier way to synthesize particles and study how they influence rheological behavior in a formulation. Doing so in the lab is often expensive and time consuming. RheoCube fast-tracks the entire process, by bringing it online and delivering speedy results. This approach also works for troubleshooting any changes in a formulation’s behavior, which may arise from unknown changes in a supplier’s ingredients.

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