RheoCube ― A digital lab for your R&D

In any company, R&D must move quickly to keep up with changing customer demands and increased competition. That’s a challenge with conventional chemical R&D, where a costly trial-and-error approach has become unsustainable. Digital R&D is the answer, but it requires expensive computing and modeling expertise. RheoCube removes that barrier ― it’s the first scalable simulation tool for experimental scientists.

A scalable tool for experimental scientists

RheoCube is a paradigm shift. It empowers you to formulate or experiment in the cloud and access on-demand computing capacity. From business to production engineering, the organization benefits from a more efficient R&D cycle.

Build a faster, smarter R&D cycle

As the only solution of its kind, RheoCube is the future of digital R&D. This highly scalable simulation tool lets scientists step into a virtual lab.

Tap into on-demand computing capacity, design materials, formulate and experiment ― all in the cloud. Experiment with parameters and variables online, run multiple simultaneous experiments, collaborate virtually, and fine-tune your use of materials. The result is a faster, smarter R&D cycle. Having been developed alongside scientists and industry, RheoCube is validated and ready for your team.

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Digitize R&D, drive innovation

Our virtual lab promotes data-driven R&D, allowing your organization to improve decision-making, drive innovation and gain a competitive edge. RheoCube provides deep, multi-scale insights into the materials used in R&D, helping you to get new or improved products to market faster. RheoCube offers access to superb, on-demand computing and modeling capabilities ― without the need to invest in a large team of modeling experts.

How can virtual prototyping work for you?

Cut costs, increase efficiencies

RheoCube is designed to reduce the costly, tedious trial-and-error aspects of conventional experimentation. Multiple virtual experiments can run simultaneously in the background, freeing scientists to add value by focusing on additional research. Deep insights on materials make it easier to improve lab supply purchasing and reduce waste. It’s even possible to get to market at lower cost. RheoCube is browser-based, removing the need for expensive on-site compute clusters.

Go beyond traditional R&D

RheoCube actively reduces the burden on experimental scientists. Save time by being able to run multiple experiments in parallel, work remotely, and collaborate easily with your global team. Use powerful simulation predictions for many ingredients and parameters, in both current and new research programmes. RheoCube lets you visualize, diving into a formulation to see interactions and phenomena in 3D. You can quickly change parameters to discover new insights and go beyond what’s possible in standard lab experimentation.

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